Exhibition  UCSC's Digital Arts and New Media MFA exhibition: NEW ALCHEMY

In honor of the tenth anniversary of UCSC's Digital Arts and New Media MFA Program (DANM), twelve emerging artists present "New Alchemy", a graduate exhibition exploring processes of transformation. Works include sculptural installations, interactive documentary, playable digital media experiences, and the re-creation of a 1940s shantyboat. Curated by Jaime Austin.

Digital Arts Research Center (DARC), UC Santa Cruz

Linea - Stop standing still
by Linnea Martinson

Exhibition  UCSC's Digital Arts and New Media MFA exhibition: NEW ALCHEMY

by Laura Gonzales

"Whatever your gender, your body is politicised in ways you cannot control. If you are female, or gender queer, there is also a fight against power. The works in Body Anxiety specifically problematise the image of women in the media and in the art world. Women artists, they claim with good arguments, are powerless; sothe show gives time and space to a group of artists the curators call ‘female painters’. She recontextualises painting for this exhibition, where most artists use their own bodies as canvases for video performances, sound works, photographs and writing. Perhaps this is peinture féminine to Helene Cixous’ écriture féminine."

Publication  Mainframe Experimentalism

By Bob Myers

Early Computing And The Foundations Of The Digital Arts
Edited by Hannah B Higgins and Douglas Kahn University of California Press, 2012
ISBN 978-0-520-26838-8

"The history of arts computing's heroic age is a family affair in Hannah B Higgins and Douglas Kahn's Mainframe Experimentalism. Starting with the founding legend of the FORTRAN programming workshops that one of the editors' parents led in their New York apartment in the 60s, the book quickly broadens across continents and decades to cover the mainframe and minicomputer period of digital art. Several of the chapters are also written by children of the artists. Can they make the case that the work they grew up with is of wider interest and value?"
Exhibition  The Hinges of "Reality"

Curated by Thomas Osborne

"This exhibition seeks to delve into the immensely dense conflict that is the defining of reality. For many the existential (I'm using this term loosely) question tends to be the utmost important question one asks in today's authority obsessed culture. This exhibit seeks to ask why is some information more valid than other sorts? What is the nature of the very concept of "idea", of "thought" and "expression"? The artworks presented here have thus been chosen specifically for a subversive, or sampling quality that pulls from information from what "exists" as a concrete aspect of our culture, such as the assumed verisimilitude of the news in "Fake is a Fake", and either allows the expansion of information for self-reflection, or for a further artistic purpose.The exhibit will also display pieces that have to do with how identity is performed and how interactions are made through the medium of the internet. "
Exhibition  Deconstructing the Narrative; Making the Illusive Physical

Curated by Georgina Gomez

"Visualising cognitive processes such as thoughts, emotions and ideas can present the conceptual as physical; externalising them so that they can be preserved to memory. Joseph Campbell, a theorist on narrative structures, wrote “Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.” All the artworks exhibited are “alive” and interactive, whether their narrative structure is discarded or embraced. Fictive or real, these pieces take the formerly passive observer of narrative form and force viewers to create an individualised, illusional “story-scape”. The amorphous nature of such visual envisioning echoes the structural boundlessness of the internet itself, and of human consciousness. "

Infinity Vessel production opening in Venice on September 2022

Finnish glass artists Sini Majuri and Marja Hepo-aho discover the limits of the ancient art of glass in the Infinity Vessel production opening in Venice on September 2022. The myth of Pandora comes to live when contemporary glass mixes with holographic art, haunting soundscapes and grim interpretation of AR.

Majuri and Hepo-aho uses augmented reality as a way to illustrate a hidden – subconscious levels of human mind, where all the fears live. The modern tech reaches the intangible surfaces of expression in the narrative that mirrors the state of the society – asking what happens when human is disconnected from humanity.

Exhibition  Identity - Expression Through Multiple Mediums

Curated by Elizabeth De Leon

"My inspiration for this project was Danah Boyd's idea of "Identity Performance" and how identity can be expressed online through text, image, audio and video. Identity as a form of self expression has, over time, succumbed to society's stereotypical notions of what the "perfect" identity should be(What the perfect image of oneself should be).
First of all, what does the politics of identity entail? How a person looks, acts, or what a person does. These notions are constantly changing and what today may be considered as beautiful and is excepted, tomorrow it may be rejected. In any case, the way identity is expressed will always evolve and what we hold to be the ideal identity, will change as well. Nonetheless, what this exhibition attempts to do, is showcase different methods in which multiple individuals portray their own versions of how identity can be expressed and what identity is to them."

Exhibition  Do You Follow? Art in Circulation at ICA London at The Old Selfridges Hotel in London

Curated by Michael Connor

"With the screen arguably now the primary site of encounter for contemporary art, this talks series, taking place as part of ICA Off-Site: The Old Selfridges Hotel, examines the ways in which internet circulation has affected art practice and art's function.
"Do You Follow? Art in Circulation" begins with the premise that images do not merely depict their surrounding reality, but actively produce and shape it in economic, social, and physical ways. With the advent of the internet, the image's power to effect such transformation has greatly expanded. As a result, image production is by default a posthuman process, subject to the demands of global flows. Images circulating on a network may produce far-flung realities, in unpredictable ways. Some even claim that the world is becoming an image."

Somebody, An evening with Miranda July

the New Museum, New York City

"Join prolific artist and filmmaker Miranda July for a special evening where she will describe and demo her new text-messaging service: Somebody™. The service, an iOS application available for free download via the iTunes Store, continues July’s longstanding exploration of ways to humanize our interactions with technology. She describes the operation of the application in the following way: “When you send your friend a message through Somebody, it goes—not to your friend—but to the Somebody user nearest your friend. This person (probably a stranger) delivers the message verbally, acting as your stand-in.”

Seven on Seven London

at Barbican Centre 

Seven on Seven pairs seven leading artists with seven luminary technologists, and challenges them to develop something new—be it an application, social media, artwork, product, or whatever they imagine—over the course of a single day. They unveil these ideas for the first time at this event. Loosely inspired by what was to become Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T)’s 1966 event 9 Evenings, Seven on Seven examines the current nature of collaboration in art and technology — and the role of each in contemporary culture — by generating deep conversation between two leading figures. The Barbican event, organized by Rhizome, marks the first London version of a four time sold-out conference. Past Seven on Seven teams have included David Karp (Tumblr) with Ryan Trecartin, Aaron Swartz (DemandProgress) with Taryn Simon, Dennis Crowley (Foursquare) with Jill Magid and more.

Event  FLUX Art Fair in Harlem

A contemporary art fair in the culturally rich community of Harlem.  FLUX Art Fair is a dynamic artistic platform engaging an international community of collectors and those who simply appreciate art to discover artists and discover the vitality of Harlem. Driven by curators collaborating with artists, FLUX Fair contributes to the vibrancy of Harlem by expanding the scene beyond the walls of the fair, partnering with cultural institutions and creating opportunity for rising Harlem artists within the fair.  Guest Curators select lead artists to present significant signature works linking emerging artists to a broader spectrum of art collectors.

MFA Program NEW York Studio School

The MFA programs, offered with concentrations in Painting or in Sculpture, continue the ethos of the teaching methods defined by the School's history within a recognized degree program. The MFA is based on maintaining a full-time, rigorous studio practice. Students are engaged in their work a minimum of 40 hours per week for the duration of their two years at the School.
Studio practice is balanced with Critical Studies courses, in addition to peer and instructed critiques. Lectures and seminars are held throughout the semester, as well as small group discussion with current and visiting faculty. The Critical Studies courses provide the groundwork for students to compose the statements that support their final thesis project.

NEWS  MA at Sotheby's Institute

If you’re considering a career in the international art world, Sotheby's Institute of Art can help you get there. We have 45 years of experience educating art world professionals. Our global Master's programmes in London, New York and Los Angeles give students the knowledge and credentials needed to launch a successful art world career.  >>> read it >>>
RESIDENCY 4 weeks in Romania

Dacia Gallery invites artists to participate in an exciting Artist Residency program in Romania. The residency is located in Transylvania at the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains in the medieval city of Sibiu.
The Sibiu Artist Residency provides an academic program to inspire, refine and redefine the creative direction of artists in a figure and landscape painting intensive four-week program. Including two art exhibitions, one in Sibiu, Romania and one at Dacia Gallery in New York City. For more information and to register please visit:

RESIDENCY Summer-Winter 2016 Residents at Silent Barn

Silent Barn is a welcoming community of artists and musicians, living, working and playing together in our 3 floor building in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The building houses with two performance spaces, a yard and co-working spaces. We have over twenty multidisciplinary studio spaces, four 2br apartments, a cafe/bar, and host public events daily. We are acccepting applications for residencies on a rolling basis, and are actively seeking applicants to move in throughout the Summer and Fall of 2016.

Through Silent Barn, Residents have access to Materials for the Arts, New York City’s premier reuse center. Our residency program functions as a live/work residency -- the room you inhabit will also double as your main workspace, with access to shared resources and plenty of opportunity for collaborations with the funny little society we've created together


Peripheral ARTeries is now accepting submissions for Mixed Media: visual artists from the worldwide scene working in a variety of media and disciplines are invited to submit their works.

We’ll seek to explore issues and concepts in relation to the embodied experience in time and space; the hybridization between identities and cultures; as well as the binary constructs of social spaces and identities.

From the curatorial perspective, the main focus of Mixed Media will be on the intersections between perception, memory and identity.

The challenge becomes strategizing and synthesizing the disorder that is unavoidable when combining varying mediums.
RESIDENCY Neo Future - Theme residency program in Finland, Mar-Apr 2016

Neo Future program brings together international, future-oriented artists & creators. Located in the middle of nowhere in rural Finland, Arteles Creative Center serves as the ideal place to envision, outline and work on your own futuristic sceneries and scenarios. Share approaches and get inspired with other artists and visionaires willing to go beyond here & now, to come up with something 'neo'.

OPPORTUNITY Still Life 2015, International Photographic call

Founded in 2004 by photographers, The Center for Fine Art Photography is a nonprofit project

Luxembourg & Dayan, New York City

Luxembourg & Dayan has developed a unique program focused mainly on exhibitions of significant but under-appreciated postwar European artists. Operating on the fringe of European Pop, Arte Povera, and Nouveau Réalisme, idiosyncratic artists like Domenico Gnoli, Mario Schifano, Martial Raysse, César, and Enrico Baj were marginalized from dominant discourse for decades. In revisiting these artists, the gallery has renewed critical interest in their oeuvres. . Though the gallery does not represent artists, it has established strong, ongoing relationships with artists and estates.

Hales Gallery, Deptford, South London

Founded by Paul Hedge and Paul Maslin over 20 years ago, Hales Gallery opened in 1992 as a contemporary art space in Deptford, South London.In March 2016 Hales opened a permanent office and viewing gallery in New York's Lower East Side district. The expansion, headed by Hales Director Stuart Morrison, acts as a platform through which to further reinforce the connection between the London gallery's roster of artists and the international art community.

Simon Lee Gallery, London

Simon Lee Gallery was founded in 2002 in Mayfair, London. It represents artists of diverse generations whose practices range from sculpture and painting to video and photography and who share a broad interest in an exploration of the conceptual. Aiming to provide a significant British and international audience for its artists, the gallery also regularly punctuates its programme with historical exhibitions and curated group shows. The gallery publishes catalogues and artist’s monographs.  

Garage Center for Contemporary Culture presents Temporary Structures in Gorky Park

Garage Center for Contemporary Culture will present a new exhibition entitled Temporary Structures in Gorky Park: From Melnikov to Ban from 20 October to 9 December 2012 in a newly created temporary pavilion in Moscow’s Gorky Park, designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban. Showing rare archival drawings –many of which have never been seen before – the exhibition will begin by revealing the profound history of structures created in the park since the site was first developed in 1923, before moving through the Russian avant-garde period to finish with some of the most interesting contemporary unrealized designs created by Russian architects today.

By their nature, temporary structures erected for a specific event or happening have always encouraged indulgent experimentation, and sometimes this has resulted in ground-breaking progressive design. This exhibition recognizes such experimentation and positions the pavilion or temporary structure as an architectural typology that oscillates between art object and architectural prototype. In Russia, these structures or pavilions – often constructed of insubstantial materials – allowed Soviet architects the ability to express the aspirations of the revolution. They frequently became vehicles for new architectural and political ideas, and they were extremely influential within Russian architectural history.

Temporary Structures also reveals the evolution of a uniquely Russian ‘identity’ within architecture and the international context, which has developed since the 1920s and continues today.

Group Exhibition “Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie – Contemporary Visions on China” to be displayed in Taipei

by Sue Wang on 10:44 am

This year sees the third consecutive year of the fascinating annual exhibition hosted by Yi&C, and is again organized by collector Rudy Tseng 1. The opening of this exhibition will be held on November 9th in coordination with the schedule of Art Taipei 2012.

Besides Part 1 of the exhibition in Yi&C Contemporary Art, the second part of the exhibition will be extended to a new space—Artrans Fine Art Storage, an individual stand alone building in Neihu where three out of six-story building where a portion of the art works will be exhibited. The theme of this exhibition is Chinese contemporary art. Italian curator Davide Quadrio, a long-term inhabitant of Shanghai who speaks fluent Mandarin, is invited to curate this grand-scale exhibition, along with Jenny Lee as the assistant curator.
The title is inspired from Spanish director Luis Buñuel’s movie of the same title, Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie. Buñuel collaborated with Salvador Dali in producing Un Chien Andalou, a classic film of surrealism, which deeply influenced Latino films directors such as Pedro Almodóvar Caballero in Spain.
Art In FLUX - Art Night
by Leanne Stella

Art In FLUX - Art Night is launching multiple art events in one evening.In FLUX launches City of Curiosities, a public art installation at the NE corner of 121st and Frederick Douglass Blvd. 
After party at Angel of Harlem, with DJ Medina and happy hour all night long, 2272 Frederick Douglass Blvd. at 122nd Street Woe-nderland and City of Curiosities fall within Art in FLUX’s 2017 curatorial theme “Re-Imagining a City” where artists use art, play and community engagement as a catalyst for examining and conceptualizing urban life. Woe-nderland curated by Henone Girma features five NYC-based artists – Belinda James, Ben Ponté, Elan Ferguson, JaSon Auguste, and Tariku Shiferaw.
The title Woe-nderland takes as its point of departure the 1996 single ‘If I Ruled the World’ by recording artist Nas that begins with “Life, I wonder, will it take me under, I don’t know” – a simultaneous testimony to the ills of society and contemplation of its potentials.

SCINTILLATION - Aqua Aura solo exhibition
Aller Strasse 38 Berlin 12049

“Scintillation” is the name of the solo exhibition dedicated to the works of the visionary italian artist Aqua Aura which will inaugurate the artistic season 2017 at the freshly renewed Cell63 art platform. 

Performing Arts Festival Berlin 13-18 June

Berlin’s independent performing arts community invites you to more than 120 productions at over 60 locations all over the city! From theater to performance, puppet theater, music theater, dance all the way to installations and site-specific work.
A very contemporary Faust will meet a virtual chatbot version of Heiner Müller, pieces about capitalism, cybernetic bodies, gender and gentrification will meet sci-fi versions of the big bang, family comedies and much more. Strong performances, guided tours, “hiking trails”, presentations and discussions, early bird specials and late night specials in the festival center: check out the schedule of events and go to the theater!

65°, A PERFORMANCE by Madeline Hollander
Madeline Hollander’s dance-based works use familiar gestures culled from daily routines, from iPhone swipes and yoga poses, to the Transportation Security Administration’s “pat-downs;” from forms of menial labor to unconscious tics.
In her new performance 65°, Hollander takes as a point of a departure the environmental standards that art institutions use for displaying and storing works of art. Using the prescribed temperature threshold of 65 degrees Fahrenheit as an axis for the performance, Hollander, in collaboration with three other dancers, establishes choreographed movement as the paradoxical object of conservation. In the otherwise empty gallery space, the moving bodies become the objects on display; their heat and energy set in motion a process of entropy whose rules gradually reveal themselves.

Bibliothèque Kandinsky's Summer University 5th Edition
The Bibliothèque Kandinsky's Summer University is a Musée National d'Art Moderne/Centre Pompidou research program installed on the very premises of the museum. It focuses on modern and contemporary art primary sources: archives, documentary materials (both written and visual), interviews, records, as well as new forms of artistic appropriation and documentary production. Interdisciplinary in format, the Summer University brings together young researchers: historians, art historians, anthropologists, sociologists, artists, critics and curators who share a collective reflection with art professionals and various scholars around primary source materials. It will be held in one of the museum rooms, around a conference table, used at the same time as a workspace and an exhibition device for the display of documents. Facsimiles, reproductions, and archival material will be unfolded in the space during the working sessions. Several writing workshops will rhythm the program, as well as visits to various documentary collections. Editorial work is at the heart of the Summer University: a new issue of the 'Journal de l'Université d'été de la Bibliothèque Kandinsky'—conceived both as a critical anthology based on the debates during the sessions and as an experimental production—will be released at the end of the session.

'Everything in the world exists to end up in a book.' Stephane Mallarmé's famous words have lastingly marked the experiments with as well as the research on artists' publications, inspiring definitions, appropriations, and modes of activation. In an extended attempt to draw the borders of these particular genres, Ulises Carrión once remarked that 'artists have started publishing books and magazines, distributing them, managing galleries and other art centres, organizing cultural events that involve various media and specialized professions. In other words, they have abandoned the sacred realm of art and entered the wider, less well contoured field of culture.' For its fifth session, Bibliothèque Kandinsky's Summer University will address the plural phenomenon of publishing in the art field in all its diversity. It will seek to capture the various networks, exchanges, contexts, and the multiple geographies that inform the creative decisions at stake in this variegated production. It will also echo the recent reflexions on the status and evolution of the artists' book caught between the imperatives of digital turn and alternative editorial strategies, and discuss the contours of an extremely versatile genre. Indeed, artists' publications resist any restrictive classification, as one can't help but notice, amongst their specificities, the formal singularities and unremitting ingeniousness of their varied production methods.


Aurélien Bernard, bibliothécaire en charge des imprimés contemporains, Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris Mica Gherghescu, historienne de l'art, Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris Stéphanie Rivoire, conservatrice des fonds et collections, Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris Didier Schulmann, conservateur, Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris Benjamin Thorel, historien de l'art, École supérieure des Beaux-Arts de BordeauX/fondateur de Section 7 Books / After 8 Books
Y  o  u  n  g       C  o  n  t  e  m  p  o  r  a  r  y     A  r  t      R  e  v  i  e  w
Call for Artists  Peripheral ARTeries is inviting entries for the competition to find the most interesting emerging worldwide artists in various fine arts disciplines. The contest, on its 16th edition, comes under the sign of collaborative networking and will once again explore and show current trends and tendencies in Contemporary Art. 

All we aim to is to encouraging artists to innovate and create. Accordingly, worldwide artists at any career-stage can submit their works. Several kinds of art are welcomed, even though we use to focus on visual arts. Each artist may submit a maximum of three works made in any technique:

  • Video Art & Short Film
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Painting
  • Experimental Media
  • Mixed Media
  • Installation
  • Public Art
  • Performance

The are no application fees. In order to submit one of more works please fill the form HERE

You can send related materials, such as your CV, photos of your works, - or, if you are a video artist - links to the works you want to submit to 

Deadline: February 26th, 2024
The call is open to all proposed forms of art and media: it will be particularly focussed to works which cause people to reflect on the larger community, and a kind of art capable of changelling the viewers’ traditional perspective on art itself. The competition aims to give the impetus and opportunity to artists to work between the boundaries of Contemporary Art.
NEWS  Sring 2024 Special Issue released!

For this special edition we had the chance to interview 12 artists from the international scenario whose works establishe an effective combination between conceptual and socio politicised practice, giving birth to a stimulating mix of pure art and deep social engagement.
Their refined multidisciplinary approaches give life to an incessant process of recontextualization, that provides the viewers of an extension ofthe basic human perception, in order to manipulate it, releasing it from its mostprimordial, limbic parameters.
Overtly playin with the unheimlich nature of gestural movements and sound, as well as traditional brushstrokes and photography, their pieces reveal the tendency to exist in continuum, residing somewhere in our collective memory.
We are particularly pleased to introduce our readers to their multifaceted artistic productions.



"The urge to capture the whole is too strong to be carelessly ignoring it. I don't take pictures, I
make them"

"Information is an expressions of love as sequences of numbers from  one person to another. "
"My research is oriented towards a reflection of an allegory of our cells,  trying to transform reality."
"I explore choices pre-existing the moment of execution with mediums beyond my control"
"A capacity to remove our short comings to create a
fantasy, to find an intersection in our paths

"What is characteris-
tic of  art is simply to raise ques-
tions and to communi-
cate in presence."


"Art puts a question upon the world of ideas and perceptions, that we pause with matter."
"As an artist,
I pursue truth around how images function
through a long line of experi-mentation."
"I  focus on experiment new visual sensations through con-
flict creating a parallel, consistent universe"

"A work of art should provoke my intellect  to question and to question my desire to understand"

"My work uses new media and narratives to reveal hidden realities and abstract truth"

"Through informal archeologi- cal investi- gations I capitalize on the challenges of memory."

"Sense of Spirituality and connection are themes often reflected in all my works"

"My main subject is the human being as an existence that natural- ly contains the deepest secrets"
"My works are about  memories and the meaning of time: I createstories that never happened"
Deborah Esses
"My initial decision to focus on movement comes from my own physical moving from town to town

Jenny Saville in conversation with Nicholas Cullinan

Saville’s works are featured in several public collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Saville’s work was included in the 50th Biennale di Venezia in 2003.
Jenny Saville is joined in conversation with Nicholas Cullinan, Curator, Tate Modern. This very special event is a rare opportunity to hear the artist discuss her recent practice in the context of the exhibition at Modern Art Oxford. British artist Jenny Saville (1970), one of the Young British Artists, deconstructs the stereotypes of beauty and eroticism of the female body as seen through art and through men, and then broadens them. She experiments with obese women and changes in the body, but above all she uses her own body as a model and means of reflection. She reveals the natural beauty of the individuality of the women she paints, and her own. This defines her artistic language as much as her traditional pictorial technique. Figures are the sole focus of attention of her huge canvasses, which often cannot contain the whole figure in the same way that our selves cannot control our bodies.  
Artist John Baldessarri in conversation with Leslie Jones, LACMA's curator
The artist in conversation with curator Leslie Jones.
John Baldessari is one of the most influential American artists working today. This long overdue retrospective will feature more than 150 works spanning the artist's career from 1962 to the present day, and include works on canvas, photography, videos and artist's books. Baldessari's text and image paintings from the mid-1960s are widely recognized as among the earliest examples of Conceptual Art, while his 1980s photo compositions derived from film stills rank as pivotal to the development of appropriation art and other practices that address the social and cultural impact of mass culture.  The exhibition is curated by LACMA's Leslie Jones, Prints and Drawings, with Jessica Morgan, Contemporary Art, at Tate Modern. It will also feature a special installation conceived just for this retrospective.

Marc Christoph Wagner interviews Elizabeth Peyton at Edition Copenhagen

Interview by Marc Christoph Wagner, at Edition Copenhagen, 2013. Copyright Louisiana Channel, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.
"I really like how people contain their time, in their faces." Meet the American artist Elizabeth Peyton in this interview about her interest in the power of the individual in the middle of history, and her fascination with love, creativity and the face.

New York and Berlin based painter Elizabeth Joy Peyton (b.1965) is an American artist best known for her stylized and idealized portraits of her close friends and boyfriends, pop celebrities and European monarchy. In this interview Peyton talks about how personality affects the features of a face. How one person can change the world, and how people are part of history, and "make their own time". Peyton has exhibited around the world and her work has been included at the 1995 Venice Biennale, MoMA PS1 in 2000, and the 2004 Whitney Biennial.

Gerhard Richter Interview: In Art We Find Beauty and Comfort 

Gerhardt Richter was interviewed by Anders Kold at his studio in Cologne, Germany, in September 2016.
“I don’t really believe art has power. But it does have value. Those who take an interest in it find solace in art. It gives them huge comfort.” Gerhard Richter, one of the greatest painters of our time, discusses beauty in the era of the Internet in this rare interview.

“These days, beauty is not in fashion,” says Richter, who has explored painting and its role in image culture for decades on his quest for a form of painting that corresponds to contemporary challenges. Quoting German author Thomas Mann, who predicted a change in art, Richter says: “Art will shed all of its gravity and transform into something merry and democratic.” But art has, in Richter’s view, surpassed even that. “It’s now more than merry. There has never been so much art… We don’t need it. We need entertainment. Sensations.”

The new Special issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is out!

You can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have published for this issue

  • Jessica Bingham (USA)
  • Robert Hamilton (Canada)
  • Isabel Becker (Germany)
  • Carrie Alter (United Kingdom
  • Anastasya Labada (Belarus)
  • Paula Flores (Mexico)
  • Ecaterina Scorus (Romania)
  • Elizabeth Zaikowski (USA)
  • Paul Santoleri (USA)
  • Tania Stadnichencko (Russia)
  • Margaret Noble (USA)  

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The March 2015 Special Issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is out!

You can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have published for this issue

  • Fabian Freese (Switzerland)
  • Julia Uberreiter (Austria)
  • Carla Forte (USA)
  • Marta Kosieradzka (Poland)
  • Sini Majuri (Finland)
  • Dee Hood (USA)
  • Alexander Ingram (USA)
  • Noel Basualdo (United Kingdom)


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The new Special issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is out!

You can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have published for this issue

  • Zilamar Takeda (Brazil)
  • Nathalie Borowski (France)
  • Picaroon (Germany)
  • Scott D'Arcy (United Kingdom
  • Olga Karyakina (Russia/Germany)
  • Yotam Zohar (Isral/USA)
  • Gema Herrero (Spain)
  • Xavier Blondeau (France)
  • Paul Santoleri (USA)
  • Tania Stadnichencko (Russia)
  • Margaret Noble (USA)
  • Tristan Makendrick (United Kingdom)


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The February 2015 issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is out!

You can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have published for this issue

  • Elodie Abergel (France)
  • Kristopher Dolphin (USA)
  • Stacie Birky Greene (USA)
  • Przemyslaw Sanecki (UK)
  • Tarrvi Laamann (Estonia)
  • Tiff Graham (USA)
  • Tonya Amyrin Rice (USA)
  • Krsto Borozan (Montenegro)
  • Andie Jairam (USA)
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The July 2014 issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is out!

You can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have published for this issue

  • Lucas Servera (USA)
  • Jesse Russell Brooks (USA)
  • Nico Amortegui (USA)
  • Doortje van Ginneken (the Netherlands)
  • Jamie Earnest (USA)
  • Alberto Varet Pascual (Spain)
  • Ingrid Leiter (Germany)
  • JD Doria (Israel)
  • Aivars Kisnics (Poland)
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The August 2014 issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is finally out!

You can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have published for this issue by clicking on the image or visit directly

  • Eike Waltz (USA)
  • Matthias Callay (USA)
  • Luiza Zimerman (Poland)
  • S. Thornton (USA)
  • Kadi Kusnets (Estonia)
  • Alberto Zita (Belgium)
  • Sumiko Shimada (Japan/USA)
  • Banaz Jacob (Belgium)

The June 2014 issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is out!

You can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have published for this issue

  • Gema Herrero (Spain)
  • Xavieri Blondeau (France)
  • Tom Rawles (USA)
  • Ard Doko (the Netherlands)
  • Kalli Kalde (Estonia)
  • Gabri Solera (Spain)
  • Bertholdus Sibum (Germany)
  • Ulvi Haagenstein (Germany)
  • Scott D'Arcy (United Kingdom)
  • Oxana Jad (Germany / Russia)
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The call will be closed after May 25th, 2017.
The competition is absolutely free, there are no entry fees and it turns to the broader public. Only selected artists will be asked of a symbolic contribution in order to support the independence of Peripheral ARTeries

The January 2014 issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is out!

You can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have published for this issue

  • Ellen van der Schaaf (Belgium)
  • Adel Gorgy (USA)
  • Ana Cvejic (Serbia)
  • Jolanda Straathof (the Netherlands)
  • Tugba Renkci (Turkey)
  • Sharyn O'Shaughnessy (Ireland)
  • Tanya Stadnichenko (Russia)
  • Kristina Sereikaite (Germany)
  • Scott D'Arcy (United Kingdom)
  • Oxana Jad (Germany / Russia)
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The February 2014 issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is finally out!

You can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have published for this issue

  • Brian Franklin (USA)
  • Riedstra (Germany)
  • Larry Williams (USA)
  • Alina Serebrennikov (Russia)
  • Ralph Klewitz (USA)
  • Stella Karageorgi (Greece)
  • Elah (Belgium)
  • Jodie Woodcock (USA)
  • Marcel Burger (Belgium)
  • Jolanta Gmur (Serbia)


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The January 2014 issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is out!

You can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have published for this issue

  • Bill Psarras (Greece)
  • Ben Hollis (USA)
  • Heng Chang-Chen (Spain)
  • Marta Ivanova (the Netherlands)
  • Ido Friedman (Israel)
  • Riley Arthur (Ireland)
  • Marco Visch (Germany)
  • Renata Gandra (Germany)
  • Scott D'Arcy (United Kingdom)
  • Oxana Jad (Germany / Russia)

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The December issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is finally out! :)

Below you can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have selected

  • Picaroon (Germany/United Kingdom)
  • SLAV NEDEV (Bulgaria)
  • ROBERTO GRANA (Uruguay)

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The November issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is finally out! :)

Below you can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have selected

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The July issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is finally out! :)

Below you can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have selected

  • SANNE VAN GENT (The Netherlands)
  • DEBORAH ESSES (United Kingdom)
  • LOUISE WINTER (United Kingdom)
  • SARA TRUE (Israely)
  • YUMIKO ONO (Japan)
  • MAIKE HEMMERS (The Netherlands)
  • C.A. WAY (USA)

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The June issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is finally out! :)

Below you can read the interviews with the   amazing artists that we have selected

  • BAHAR B. FARAZ (Iran / USA)
  • DEREK SCHOLTE (The Netherlands)
  • AGENT X (Canada)

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The August issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is finally out! :)

Below you can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have selected

  • DEREK SCHOLTE (The Netherlands)
  • TAL REGEV (Israel)
  • SCHULTZ feat VDREY (France)
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The November Special Issue of Peripheral ARTeries Art Review is finally out! :)
Below you can read the interviews with the amazing artists that we have selected

  • CRAIG St.CYR (Canada)
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We are looking for creative minds, emerging artists and professionals widely different artistic fields. Proposed ideas are of more significant importance: we are particularly interested in highlighting work in all media that pushes boundaries in terms of form and content, is ambitious and timely, and is experimental and risk-taking.
Prospecting participants must submit an abstract describing their works and additional attachments for a thorough evaluation of the contribution.
Any further related materials as high resolution images, links to video or audio, pdf files, such as your CV and your artist's statement can be sent via email to our board directly to:


All rights to the artworks inside wotisart magazine are reserved by the artists themselves. if you would like further information about any artworks featured, contact the magazine and we will forward any details we have. or alternativly you can contact the artists directly.

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Pauline Adamek interviews artist Sinan Revell about her exhibition at Cella Gallery in North Hollywood.

Born in China, Sinan Revell was raised in Australia in a strong, multicultural environment . Sinan graduated with a degree in Psychology from Sydney University and later studied art at the Julian Ashton Art School. Her love of the performing arts led her to study drama with renowned Aboriginal teacher, Bryan Syron, and to several television and film roles. She spent several years as a performing and recording artist and band member with the industrial rock group, "SPK", touring Europe, the UK and the USA.

After moving to Los Angeles in 1991, Sinan returned to art making. She began working in various media such as oil and acrylic paintings, photography and performance art.

Critic Kenneth Baker Interviews Artist Tony Foster

Video produced and hosted by Pauline Adamek. Edited and styled by Ash Revell.  Filming by Charlie Kanganis.

For nearly 35 years English artist Tony Foster has worked in the World’s wildernesses - mountains and canyons, rainforests and deserts, the Arctic and the Tropics.

Travelling slowly - on foot or by canoe or raft, and carrying his painting and camping equipment he makes his paintings in response to what he finds on his journeys.

He does not use photography or sketches but makes his paintings on site, often in the most difficult and uncomfortable circumstances. Sometimes a large-scale work (up to 7 feet by 4 feet!) will take more than two weeks on site before it is sufficiently resolved to roll into its aluminium tube to be completed in his studio in Cornwall.

Interview with Canadian figurative painter Andrew Salgado

In 2015 Salgado curated The Fantasy of Representation at Beers London, including work by Francis Bacon, Gary Hume, and Hurvin Anderson.
Andrew Salgado has been hailed as one of the most promising young figurative painters working today, riding atop 11 sold-out exhibitions, and being endorsed by critics like Tony Godfrey, Edward Lucie-Smith, and more. Saatchi Art calls him "one to invest in now"; and Artsy states he 'complicates portraiture [with] a sense of frailty and potency'. He has been featured in GQ, the Evening Standard, The Independent, METRO, The Globe and Mail (CAN), Macleans (CAN), and more. In 2015 Salgado curated The Fantasy of Representation at Beers London, including work by Francis Bacon, Gary Hume, and Hurvin Anderson.  Forthcoming solo exhibitions include TEN, a survey exhibition at The Canadian High Commission, Trafalgar Square, London, (Jan-Feb 2017) to coincide with an artist monograph of the same name available now for purchase HERE.