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Exhibition  UCSC's Digital Arts and New Media MFA exhibition: NEW ALCHEMY

by Laura Gonzales
"Whatever your gender, your body is politicised in ways you cannot control. If you are female, or gender queer, there is also a fight against power. The works in Body Anxiety specifically problematise the image of women in the media and in the art world. Women artists, they claim with good arguments, are powerless; sothe show gives time and space to a group of artists the curators call ‘female painters’. She recontextualises painting for this exhibition, where most artists use their own bodies as canvases for video performances, sound works, photographs and writing. Perhaps this is peinture féminine to Helene Cixous’ écriture féminine." >>complete article>>

Call for Artists  Peripheral ARTeries is inviting entries for the competition to find the most interesting emerging worldwide artists in various fine arts disciplines.

The contest, on its 8th edition, comes under the sign of collaborative networking and will once again explore and show current trends and tendencies in Contemporary Art.

All we aim to is to encouraging artists to innovate and create. Accordingly, worldwide artists at any career-stage can submit their works. Several kinds of art are welcomed, even though we use to focus on visual arts. Each artist may submit a maximum of three works made in any technique:

  • Video Art & Short Film
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Painting
  • Experimental Media
  • Mixed Media
  • Installation
  • Public Art
  • Performance

We are open to all proposed forms of art and media and we focus to works which causes people to reflect on the larger community and a kind of art capable of changelling the viewers’ traditional perspective on art itself. This competition aims to give the impetus and opportunity to artists to work between the boundaries of  Contemporary Art.


"When you are a foreigner,  you feellike a highlighted person. I felt a high level of «what does it mean to be highlighted»,"
"The majority of my work is conceptual, and I will sit for hours at a desk trying to
find the right structure and symbolism."
"Information and emotions are always expressions of love as sequences of numbers from  one person to another. "
(The Netherlands)
"The urge to capture the whole is too strong to be carelessly ignoring it. I don't take pictures, I
make them"
(United Kingdom)
"My main drive to make art is
a pursuit of truth around how images function
through a long line of experi-mentation."

"What is characteristic of contemporary art is simply to raise questions, of any kind emerging  and to communica- te in presence.
A capacity to remove our short comings to create a
fantasy. Despite the remoteness of my life , our paths find an intersection"
"My research is
oriented towards a dreamlike, reflection of an allegory of our cells,  trying to transform reality."
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